About Digital Media  

Adox OKI Bering has a new Marketing program available which will help you increase sales, increase brand awareness, reduce perceived customer waiting time and reduce advertising costs.

We have 3 different sizes of digital screens available:

20 inch

32 inch

Players ( these players plug into any screens that you have on hand ) – Price to be determined.

Some of the cost can be offset by purchasing a stocking order for the products that are featured on the screen. Adox will provide the screens, the program advertising must contain at least 50% of Adox items. The other 50% can be from other non-competing suppliers.

This also offers you a new potential Revenue Source: you may charge your other suppliers (non competing to Adox) to advertise or use up co-op/marketing funds available from suppliers.

These screens can be customized for your store. If you would like to create your own ad you can send us either a pdf, a powerpoint presentation or a video and we will upload it onto your screen.